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Our Mission - To eliminate unnecessary suffering, increase quality of life, and decrease healthcare costs.

From The Founder

     Working in Critical Care medicine for over 10 years, I continually saw us fail our patients and families at a time when they needed us the most.   Most of our patients were incapacitated and unable to make their own decisions.  That enormous responsibility then fell to a loved one with no medical training who hadn’t had a conversation with the patient about what treatments they would or would not want in an emergency.  

      We asked if the patient had an Advanced Directive to make sure the care that was provided was in line with their wishes.  Unfortunately, only 1 in 5 people in America have an Advanced Directive.  Even if the patient did have a Directive, it was too generic to help, or hadn’t been updated in years, so providers didn’t feel comfortable honoring it.  

     I founded Advanced Care Solutions to empower individuals to create patient-centered Advanced Directives that evolve with their age and health status.  Paying an attorney to write a medical document no longer makes sense.  Our Specialists have decades of experience in Critical Care, Palliative, Emergency, and Oncology medicine.  They will meet with you AND your Power of Attorney to create a Directive that you both understand and that providers feel confident in following.

     We also partner with Hospitals and Health Systems to make sure they have the infrastructure and education in place to honor these documents.  We provide assessments into areas of improvement, offer effective solutions, and set them up with long-term strategies for sustainability.

     I understand how difficult talking about emergencies or end-of-life care can be.  Our Specialists have years of experience guiding our clients through these conversations with compassion, knowledge, and perhaps most important, a little levity.  The more we have this conversation, the further we pull back the mystery of what happens in hospitals, the less scary the conversation will be.  And that is when true change will occur.  So call today to make your appointment!  Help us create a world where every patient is empowered to make their own personal, informed decisions and every hospital is equipped to respect them.  

Luke Adams

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