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  • Creation of Advanced Directive and Power of Attorney - $249 for Individual

This is the backbone of our Mission.  Each person’s health status, preference for treatment, and medical philosophies are as unique as the individuals themselves and should be reflected in their Directive.  Unfortunately, most attorney-prepared Directives do little to help guide your care.  Most use a generic form that medical professionals do not feel comfortable honoring which leads to the document being tossed aside at a time when it is needed most.

At Advanced Care Solutions, you AND your power of Attorney will meet with one of our Advanced Care Specialists to create a Directive that encompasses all of your wishes and that medical professionals will feel comfortable honoring.  

  • Emergency Consultation - $399

Life can change drastically in an instant.  You or a loved one could be involved in a car accident, have a stroke or heart attack, and you’ll be thrust into a very confusing and stressful situation.  You may find that your Physicians or Nurses just don’t have the time to answer all of your questions in a way that you understand. Perhaps you feel your concerns are being ignored.  Our Emergency Consultation was created to provide you with an experienced medical professional to advocate for YOU. 

Emergency Consultation includes:

  • A 2-hour initial meeting with you and your family

  • Participation in rounds with the Physician, Nurse, Pharmacist and Therapists

  • Daily follow-up phone calls

  • In-person hospital follow-up once per week while hospitalized

  • Explanation of medications/procedures/terminology

  • Power of Attorney Service - Yearly Premiums available

Your Healthcare Power of Attorney, or Proxy, is the person you authorize to make medical decisions for you when you are at your most vulnerable and unable.  This person has a very intimate responsibility to not only know what your wishes are, but also to ensure that those wishes are respected in the hospital.   Most people turn to a spouse or loved one, but too often their emotional attachment leads to unnecessary treatments and prolonged suffering.  


POA benefits:


  • An advocate who is not intimidated by medical professionals or terminology and isn’t afraid to ask challenging questions

  • Someone who can put aside their own feelings to ensure your wishes are carried out

  • Payments stop when hospitalized in order to avoid any conflict of interest

  • Includes all Emergency Consultation benefits when hospitalized

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